Saturday, August 18, 2012

P.S. Strange things happen.

The Sri Krishna Connect
Having heard the stories of Sri Krishna as well as Ron had heard the 'Tales of Beedle and Bard', I can say that I am pretty well conversant with the basic life story of Sri Krishna.

Over the years, the more I delve deeper into the realms of the Harry Potter stories, the more likeness I find between the lives of Sri Krishna and Harry Potter. Extremely strangely so, but it seems truer the more I see it.

Both these heroes had problems synonymous to their names and since infancy they had had troubles. Both had faced what many many elders haven't or hadn't - DEATH... and that too, many a times. There had been prophecies intertwining the fates of these heroes and their biggest nemesis, long before they were old enough to understand it or, as in Sri Krishna's case, even before he was born.

Neither was brought up by his biological parents. The parents in both cases had to suffer at the hands of a tyrant who actually meant to harm their sons. Voldemort in case of Harry and Kansa in case of Sri Krishna. The most famous part of the lives of both our heros is when they worked and fought for the benefit of the good and to vanquish the bad. Friendship, was what both valued above other things. Just as Harry can be considered helpless and ineffective without Hermione and Ron, the Sri Krishna story lacks a significant portion without Sri Radha, the Gopikas and of course, Sri Sudama.

The biggest difference between the personalities is that Sri Krishna, being the almighty, did not suffer from all that ails the mortals.

It is time for a Goodbye
As we come to a close of the long, successful and happy Harry Potter week, as we lift ourselves over the thick beautiful clouds of the fantasy world, as we come out from the cupboard below the staircase, to face the real world once again, may this experience give us immense happiness to continue our lives. This week has been thoroughly enjoyable and the Hindi words go .. chirasmarneeya, avismarneeya. 

My heartfelt gratitude to all the little kids, members, zealous followers of Zealot Readers who contributed to make this event a grand one with over 65 blog posts and ounces of exuberance. 

Hoping that these fond memories stay with all of us for a long time to come...

Vaishali Sethi


  1. Such a wonderful concluding post Vaishali. Enjoyed reading every word of it.