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Book 6- Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Written by J K Rowling
Published by Bloomsbury

Harry knew that the wizarding world was getting more and more dangerous. He was still stuck with the Muggle Dursleys. He is desperate to meet his friends.

He, Ron and Hermione realize that Draco Malfoy is up to something. They try to investigate, without much success, at first. At Hogwarts, they find out a lot more.

A Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher is needed. Snape (“Not Snape, Harry, Professor Snape!”) takes up that post while Professor Slughorn takes up his earlier post as Potions Master. He used to teach Voldemort.

Harry goes to Dumbledore’s office every now and then to help him with some important work. What important work? Finding out more about Voldemort and how to defeat him by watching memories in the Pensive.

Also, Harry has a second hand copy of the Potions textbook. It has tips for making better potions, strange spells, and other things scribbled throughout. This both helps and hinders Harry in many ways. It says-“THIS IS THE PROPERTY OF THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE”. Who is the Half-Blood Prince???

The memories reveal Voldemort’s secret to remain alive through everything: Horcruxes.

The word ‘Horcruxes’ always gave me that sense of disgusting, evil and strange. I remember opening this book somewhere in the middle when I had just finished reading the first one. I saw the word ‘Horcruxes’ and it had given me the same sense then, even when I didn't  know what it meant.

Finally, another death occurs. Everyone mourns for this much loved person. I had overheard some friends discussing this before I read it. I was absolutely horrified.

Still, a great story, to be read many times. Truly fantastic.

A review written by my 11 yr old daughter, A.

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