Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Devil's Ether by RR Chelra

ISDN : 978-93-5067-259-4
I read this book on my husband’s insistence and I am mighty glad that I read it . It seldom happens that you come across a sci – fi novel which  happens to be an author’s debut book but also turns out to be a riveting and thought provoking piece of work.
R R Cherla’s Devil’s Ether is a  sci- fi set in the United States of America. Written against a backdrop of  international intrigue and a internet connected world, this book takes you to a world where there is no limit  to what the top bosses of the intelligence agencies might do to achieve their own personal  interests. The way they violate the privacy of individuals without a second thought using the social mediums is scary. It has the main protagonist Sara Sheppard trying to save her husband, Jim, who happens to be the administration’s biggest critic, from the clutches of  supposed paranoia . Little does she realize at that time that it is Jim who is trying to save her and their daughter. As the story unravels, Sara finds out how her husband’s privacy has been violated by the intelligence agencies and how they are playing with his mind. The way she gets CIA agent Jeff Brandon’s help, who discovers at that stage that he still has a conscience which does not allow him to support his bosses anymore is interesting. The riveting story has a lot to offer and keeps you glued to the book.

The story is fast paced and definitely holds your interest till the very end. The helicopter chases and the sharp shooters lend the story a Hollywood flavor. While reading the book I could feel the adrenalin rush and could visualize the scenes as if I was watching a movie.This itself says how well the story has been put into words.
However, I feel, the author could have held himself a little from going into such in depth technical details because either a sci – fi is one’s cup of tea or it is entirely out of one’s range.

In my opinion, Mr. Cherla has done a commendable job especially as Devil’s Ether happens to be his debut book. The book portrays the depth of research done by the author. The book is definitely strongly recommended to all  action and sci – fi fans.

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  1. I am not a sci-fi fan but the book sounds interesting.