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Welcome to the world of beautiful fairies and princesses divine!! Behold the sights, upon whom smiles the sun-shine!! From Granny's bedtime tales, to the complex verses of the epics, to the Shakespearean dialect, THIS world has it all!!

We, the ZEALOT READERS, are a bunch of book lovers who have taken a fancy to world of reading and reviewing novels. Despite the hectic schedules, we find time to pursue this one passion that we share!! 

Reviewing and encouraging writers and good writing is our way of contributing to the wide and beautiful world of literary creativity. Though most of the books are sent to us by the publishers/authors for review purposes, the views expressed are personal and innocent of any biases. We normally do not provide paid reviews.

If you would like to share some views, questions, queries, suggestions or give your comments, of if you have an idea in mind, just drop in an e-mail @ readers.zealot@gmail.com . Maybe we could be of help to you!! We could be the vital link between someone who has a story to tell and someone who has the ability to take it further... 

We would love to hear from you!


Here, meet us, the ZEALOT READERS... 

(in alphabetical order):

  • Abha Behl

Abha Behl lives in California, USA. She studied B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering from JNTU college of Engg., Hyderabad. Reading is her interest and hobby. She loves reading all genres of books. She believes that books are our true friends. When you are in the company of a good book, no other companion is required. 

  • Abhinav

To quote few lines from the book Into the wild ,"The joy of life comes from our encounter with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun." Abhinav considers himself sort of a recluse vying for new experiences everyday. In this journey he has found books to be a great medium. Every book seems to teach him something but it is not about blindly following what it preaches, in fact it's about forming your own perceptions and values for which books are a medium.

Education : B-Tech from IIT Madras.
Industry : Technology.
Other : Professionally playing football for a Ranchilona F.C.

Web page : Serendipity

  • Benu Bali

Benu is from Bangalore, India. She has done her Bachelors in Computers and her post graduation in Economics. She is an ardent reader, so the pleasure of a good book is one of her favourite things in the world. She truly believes that reading is not because of habit but for the 'Joy of Reading'.

  • Manish Verma (THE MODERATOR)

Manish is a Project Director at FIS ASEAN. Manish loves reading. Reading science books, especially the ones that deal with the origin and evolution of the universe and everything else is his passion.

Web Page : Brain Waves 

  • Neha Kalra

A part time home maker/manager and freelancer. Neha has done her MBA in International Business and has just completed her MEG(MA) in English Literature from IGNOU. She is an avid book reader and a blogger and has started writing short stories too. 

Having been born and brought up in Chandigarh, she has a special attachment with the beautiful city and the quaint little towns in the Shivalik hills and they mostly form the backdrop of her work.

  • Sandhya

Sandhya defines herself primarily as a reader. 

She reads anything and everything that appeals to her, especially children's books, which she reviews at SaffronTree. She also reviews at BookRack. She can say with conviction, that over four decades of reading, she has honed a sixth sense about the good, the bad, the ugly and the inconsequential as far as books go.
She is also a stay-at-home mom to an equally book-loving 11 year old. They are both fascinated by words, the way language evolved and is used. 

  • Vaishali Sethi (THE STAGE MANAGER)

Vaishali currently works as a financial analyst at a multi national banking organization. She is a post graduate in Management and a Business Studies graduate from the University of Delhi. She has many accolades to her credit - from being a topper of her school and merit scholarship holder to having received numerous awards for her poems, articles, features and stories in a number of esteemed  magazines and periodicals.  She loves playing with words and has a flair for writing.  She is a regular reviewer and has reviewed more than 40 books from authors across the globe – including from USA,  Australia, UK and India and has conducted interviews with many authors. 

  • Vibha Sharma  (THE BIG BOSS)

She is a software engineer and a management graduate by profession. The passion to read and write brought her to the blogging world. She likes to read books across all genres.

She also contributes at Book Pleasures, Saffron Tree and Book Reviews.