Sunday, April 9, 2017


Author: RUSKIN BOND and Others
Price: INR 195
ISBN: 9788129144973

Ever wondered if a perfect murder was possible?
Ever planned or thought of one?
Ever read about one? One that would give even Holmes or Poirot a real tough time..

Well this collection of selected short stories would sure give you an idea that a perfect murder was possible. A murder so perfect that even the murderer wouldn't know.

'The Perfect Murder' is a collection of 8 short stories, each a perfect suspense thriller, and each promising to take the reader on a spooky yet amazing journey.

The title story, the best of the collection, is short tale of two brothers plotting to kill an old aunt and how their planned murder turns out to be the perfect murder. Who murders whom eventually and who the beneficiary of the game ultimately becomes is the climax. A sure shot thriller that is bound to keep the reader at the edge of the seat.

Another story details how Ruskin Bond's uncle once tried to poison him and what happened next.

From being straight forward give away tales to open ended ones to keep the readers guessing, from simple Ruskin Bond to the ultimate mystery man - Edgar Allen Poe, the book has plenty to offer for all types of murder mystery lovers.

Although not all stories live up to the expectation set by the title of the book and the first story, it is a great collection on the whole.

A wonderful option for a one time read and well decided gift for a mystery lover. Bond doesn't let you down with this one.

Happy reading :)