Friday, May 13, 2016

THE PROMISE by R.L. Scott- Buccleuch

 Author- R.L. Scott- Buccleuch
 Publication- Heinemann
 Illustrations- David Barnett
 Rating – 5/5
 Review by – VIDHI SETHI (14 yrs.)

The Promise, by R.L. Scott – Buccleuch is a truly inspirational story of a boy named Palito. The story is set in Bahia, a state in Brazil. It revolves around a boy who is very passionate about football. Beautifully written, the story is very binding and interesting.

Born to Pedro and Maria, a poverty-stricken couple, Palito grew up with his parents and his two sisters- Fernanda and Odete in a small hut. Life had been cruel to him. He had been born with de-shaped legs. But his strong will power and determination drove him to achieve his goal. From a very early age he had had a keen interest in football. His father despite the poor condition of the family wanted him to follow his heart. Pedro’s only wish was that his son becomes a great footballer one day and plays for Brazil. But life wasn't a bed of roses for them. They had to face many highs and lows. There were times when it seemed as if there was no light at the end of the tunnel. Still Palito, with his focused approach and single-minded devotion, was able to fulfil his father’s desire. He became one the greatest players in the history of Brazilian football. At the time of Palito’s birth an old Negress had told his father that his boy would grow up and become famous. She had told him that he would give happiness to many people and would help the poor. Her prophecy had come true. Palito’s name was known in many countries all over the world. Many thousands of people enjoyed watching Palito on the football field and the children’s hospital in Bahia, set up by Palito, gave help to hundreds of poor and sick children.

The story has a beautiful narrative and is a must read for everyone. It inspires the reader. It also creates a kind of passion for the sport and should be read by each and every football lover. Palito comes across as a very nice, determined, courageous and patient individual. He was able to go through so many hardships and obstacles in his journey. From the local village team to the Corinthians, then to The White Star and finally to the Brazilian football team, Palito’s journey wasn’t an easy one. The extremely supportive role that the family plays in his life is also quite noticeable. There is a lot that we can learn from every character.  It is one the best books I have ever read. 

Read the book to find out why the title 'Promise'.