Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Stanley And The Magic Lamp by Jeff Brown

Title : Stanley and the magic lamp
Author :Jeff Brown
Publisher : Harper Collins
Review by : Raghav Sharma (10 years)

A boy named Stanley Lambchop lived in America. There was a time when Stanley was flat, can you believe that - a flat boy? Can you guess how he became flat? The answer is that a bulletin board had fallen over him while was sleeping. And while being flat, Stanley conveniently visited various kingdoms of adventures. But in 'Stanley and The Magic Lamp', Stanley is round and normal again.

When Stanley and his  younger brother Authur were doing their homework, they caught sight of a lamp on their table . Stanley rubbed it and surprisingly a genie came out of it. His name was - Prince Fawzi Mustafa Aslan Mirza Melek Namerd Haraz. Now the whole Lambchop family experiences various magics in their lives by wishing upon the genie like Mrs. Lambchop could now fulfill her wish to be famous , Stanley and Authur could fly and Mr. Lambchop could play the best tennis in the whole world. 

And now its your job to read the book to know more about the wonders that genie brought in the lives of Lampchop family.

I feel it is a great read for children between the age group 6-10 yrs and I will look forward to reading more of Stanley's adventures myself. 

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