Saturday, May 26, 2012

Detective Camp by Ron Roy

Title: Detective Camp
Series: A to Z Mysteries, Super Edition 1
Author: Ron Roy
Illustrator: John Steven Gurney
Publication: Random House

With apprehensions in my mind and fingers crossed, I picked up this book from the World Book Fair 2012, Delhi, for my sister. Though the book looked good, I only hoped that it could make an interesting read.

'Detective Camp' under the A to Z Mystery series is a fantasy story of three children - Dink, Josh and Ruth Rose, who go to a certain Detective Camp, to spend their summer vacation. There they meet a number of wonderful people like Mario, detective Robb, some crazy creatures like Mote, the remote eating goat, Ronald the rooster and some suspicion arousing people like Musee, Buzzy and so on.

The kids have a lot of fun with the camp activities where they are allowed to swim, take part in archery, nature walks, crafts and a lot of other fun games, besides a complex treasure hunt, of course. It is here that these three kids start to smell something fishy about the ongoing activities and contact Detective Robb with all their evidences gathered. It is extremely interesting to read how the little kids prevent a huge scam from taking place. At no point the reading of this novel turns a self-forced labour.

I haven't read any other book by Ron Roy, but I can imagine him as the next Enid Blyton. This is a particularly mesmerizing book, a must read for all kids and kidlit lovers.

Rating: 4.5/5


  1. Vaishali, I have heard many good things about this series and after reading your review, want to read one myself. Thanks for introducing this series here.

  2. This is indeed a wonderful book!! Do read it!!