Thursday, May 17, 2012

Imagine Travelling To The Most Mysterious & Unusual Places! by Praveeta Kumar

Title: Imagine Travelling To The Most Mysterious & Unusual Places!
Author: Praveeta Kumar
Illustrations By: Ash, Corey Wolfe
ISBN :978-0-9872096-0-3

Imagine Travelling To The Most Mysterious & Unusual Places! Is a story of four elves who are friends, Wakey - a daydreamer, Rhino - the gymnast, Joey - the sprinter and Wombie - the fashionista.

In the story, the four elves are adventurously transported to different kingdoms. The kingdoms which are unknown to all of them except for Wakey, who knows about them as he has seen them in his daydreams.When the elves get back home to the Kingdom of Lyst as adventurously as they had left, one day they accidently discover a few other kingdoms and become explorers in real life. How do the friends do this and what kind of adventures do they have in unknown kingdoms? Finding this out is a great adventure in itself. 

The cover elves have been illustrated by Corey Wolfe. He has done a decent job. The illustrations in the book have been done by Ash.The scant few illustrations in the book are average and have been done in black and white. 

The book could have definitely been made more appealing by adding a few more illustrations and vibrant colours to it.
In my opinion, the book is good but it has more of a school text book touch to it. The author could have done better by adding a little more fun and less of lessons to it. The narrative has been very descriptively written and has lessons for the kids throughout the story. At the end of the book the author has provided a few activities like brain teasers and crosswords etc for the children.The book targets primary school age kids and it makes a decent one time read.

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