Friday, January 31, 2014

Introducting Panel Members For TROFEO 2.0 Event

Renee Heiss :  Renee Heiss is the award-winning author of seven books and hundreds of magazine stories and articles.  Most recently, her middle grade book, Woody's World, earned a silver medal in the 2013 International Children's Literary Awards. With a co-founder, she has started her own children's publishing company, Entelechy Education, LLC, featuring their signature characters, The EnteleTrons.  Find information about Renee, her blog, and her other books at Renee Heiss

Sandhya Renukamba : The books she reads define Sandhya Renukamba - they take her to places that can only be dreamt of. Between her and her daughter, who is also an avid reader, they have many adventures of the bibliophilic kind. She shares these on her blog, and at Saffron Tree, Zealot Readers, and at ArtsyCraftsyMom as a guest blogger. She also writes regularly for Women's Web.

Neha Kalra : An avid reader, a book lover, a reviewer, a blogger, a poetess and someone who is managing social media for a couple of companies. Her poems have been published in various online publications.

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