Thursday, February 28, 2013

Redemption by Joe Prentis

Title : Redemption
Author: Joe Prentis
Publisher : Amazon Kindle(E-Book)
Genre : Hostorical Fiction

Reviewing an E-book is a novel experience. Although reading of e-books has increased in frequency yet one is not very comfortable without turning the pages. Still after a shaky start one could not put this one down or rather switch the reader off. 
 Redemption is a prequel to the now popular Renegade Series novels by the Author Joe Prentis. It is the story of Sergeant Oakley who has been an attaché with General McCLellan since the war began and has fought the American Civil War on North’s side. It’s a story placed around the end of the war when the peace process fails repeatedly and trust in the ranks and amongst the general public is at a premium. It has references interlinked with President Lincoln’s assassination and the events leading up to it.
Sergeant Oakley is waiting for the war to end and plans to go to the west to try and settle down but gets involved in the course of events when he falls in love with Anna, a girl turned vagabond on the streets of Washington after her family is wiped off during the civil war which ravaged Washington.
The fast paced, action packed style of writing keeps the reader hooked to the novel. There is action from the start till the end and lots of intrigue. The Characters whether Primary or secondary have been very well etched.  The length of the novel appropriate considering the turn of events described and there is no unnecessary prose winding the action down.
Anna and Oakley come alive with their chemistry. So do McCade and McLellan, commoners who became soldiers for a just cause and believe in it vehemently. Washington, its political milieu and the condition of the city has been described very well throughout the novel. The generals meeting with Lincoln brings you close to the enigmatic figure. Historical details have been carefully and correctly incorporated. The climax is again very well handled and the action suitably slows down while the suspense builds up. The tale in the twist comes as a pleasant relief and surprises the reader.
It’s a good introduction of the Western Novel to the modern reader, especially in India. It will be interesting to read the Renegade series now. Thus it totally serves its purpose as a prequel to the series. It leaves you asking for more and one feels like ordering the Renegade series right away.
It is a very good and interesting read by itself too. One feels for the lovers and realises the futility of war and the destruction it causes. Particularly the problems of a civil war where families are wiped off and children left unprotected and uncared for. It also brings out the apathy of a people torn apart by war and strife and the way they lose the ability to trust and be compassionate. 

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