Sunday, February 3, 2013

Little Dude

Author: Michelle Hennessy
Illustrator: Luke Harland
ISBN: 9780987354921

Your first day on the surfboard. You are enjoying. It is starting to get dark and you are far into the sea. You are scared. Suddenly you meet a stranger. He has a strange story to tell. A very strange story. Would you believe him? Would you like to be like him? What about your family back home?

Well, for all we can say, the choice is yours. But, to know what little Max did, you will have to pick up this cute little book and read it out to your tiny tot. 'Little Dude', first in the series, 'Adventures of Max', is a refreshing account of Max's escapades of the first day he went surfing. The book colorfully and picturesquely describes the sequence of events and the beautiful bonding between a little child and his special friend. The aspirations of a small kid of going surfing, his unhappiness upon not having his friend around, his fear of being away from mummy, his presence of mind in deciding what would be best for him, his family or the vast expanse of the sea, all fit so beautifully into this tiny story. It is indeed a wonderful book for preschool kids.

The wonderful illustrations set the mood right. They accompany the story so well that we can actually imagine that the reality must have been something like that. The expressions, the landscapes, the happiness, the fear, the sea creatures, Max and Little Dude themselves. They are just so pretty.

Having grown up in a very large family, having many siblings, many many nieces and nephews, even great nieces and nephews, the author, Hennessy decided that this was the best way to make children happy, inculcate in them, the pleasure of reading as well as love the outdoor activities. 

As the last line of the book reads, "Max was so happy and so was his new best friend Little Dude", wellwe aren't any less happy either. Especially with the fact that there are many more books to come in this series.

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