Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Doll Violinist

Title :The Doll Violinist

Author : Mayra Calvani

Illustrator : Amy Cullings Moreno

Publication : Guardian Angel Publishing , INC

This is a story about an orphan child Emma ,who just a few days before Christmas is captivated by one of the dolls in the toy store display window . Everyday Emma stands outside the toy shop inspite of Madame Dubois, the shopowner , shooing her away time and again, to admire the doll with the violin and cringes with fear when one of the dolls is bought . There is also an emotional angle between Emma and her liking for the doll with the violin .

Read on to find out whether the Christmas season casts its usual magic and Emma gets her beloved doll or not .

It is a very sweet , a typically girlie girls book . Amy Cullings Moreno has done a good job with the illustrations . Mayra Calvani has told the story in a way that will hold the kids interest till the end and along with that teach them a very important lesson that life is not exactly easy for a lot of people and to be kind and considerate towards the lesser fortunate ones.

The book surely goes well with the spirit of the festival season .


  1. Dear Benu:

    Thank you for your lovely review of Mayra's latest children's book, The Doll Violinist. We appreciate your time.

    Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season,

  2. Sounds like a perfect Christmas gift for a little girl. Thanks for the lovely review Benu...