Monday, December 5, 2011

As Long As I Love You ....I will let you hurt me

Title : As Long As I Love You....I will let you hurt me
Author : Nikhil Mahajan

Publisher : Srishti Publishers & Distributors

This is a story about Manav , a college student , who falls in love with Meha and then leaves her for Diva , who in turn two times him with Kabir . Then comes Gauri , Manav's senior and his confidante , who leaves him so that he can go back to Diva , who wants to come back to Manav's life after realising that she and Kabir do not suit each other and will not be able to find happiness together. There is also Miss Sehgal , Manav's teacher , with whom Manav has an affair .

This story has been told in a typical college life background , peppered with hostel life instances , parties , impressing girls among other things .

There is no strong storyline and at places no connectivity in the book . It is like a personal journal that has been published with little modifications . The author does not have good command over English . The book is full of grammatical mistakes . There are parts relating to Miss Sehgal in the book which leave a strong distaste because they have not been handled well .

It is difficult to connect with the story as the main protagonist keeps falling in and out of love . Since when has love become so shallow ? Though in end the author has asked questions about love on the same lines but somehow he is unable to leave any impact.

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  1. Welcome aboard Benu. Its a pleasure to have you in the group.

    I really liked how you have summarized the review - "Since when has love become so shallow ?"

    Look forward to reading more of your reviews on Zealot Readers.