Sunday, November 6, 2016


Title: High Voltage Danger Lab
Author: "Science Bob" Pflugfelder and Steve Hockensmith
Price: INR 295
Genre: Sci-Fi
ISBN: Rupa Publications

This is only the second book I've ever read, having completed a sprint from the first page to the last, without using a bookmark. No, there was no way I could need one. Putting the book down was impossible. 

Adventure. Fun. Mystery. Family ties. Bold kids. Circuits. Pets. Mysterious neighbours. Mad scientist. Humour cropping up unexpectedly... and almost everywhere, this is the book Nick and Tesla's High Voltage Danger Lab.

A very racy read, the book opens with 11 year old twins being exported to their uncle's place for a summer since their parents would be away understanding how soybeans grew. But what awaits them at their uncle's place is almost totally unexpected and weird. Case in point - a compost pit for a bed and a TV that worked only when someone was exercising. A typical and classic Enid Blyton way of discovering friends and a lurking mystery in the neighbourhood during boring summer holidays, follows. But what lies beyond that is marvellous. Kids solving mystery, the scientific way.

The experiments the twins perform to solve the mystery and rescue a little girl and her dear Mr. Snugg from gory kidnappers, are well documented and the their inventions are all listed in the book. It sure is a cool concept, and you can try out the experiments for yourself, in case you are interested in coming up with your own handy gadgets.

Funny illustrations here and there, a very accurate mapping of the behaviour patterns of pre-teens, and a superbly unexpected ending are sure plus factors about the book.

Do take a tour inside the high voltage danger lab. If you are a middle grader bookworm, you totally deserve it.

A flamboyant 4/5 rating for this one wouldn't be inaccurate. Happy reading. :)

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