Monday, July 14, 2014

Done With Men by Suchi Singh Kalra

Title : Done With Men
Author : Suchi Singh Kalra
Publisher : Indireads

'Done With Men' is a light romcom set in the beautiful locales of Goa. Kairavi (Kay) is a weirdly interesting character as the main protagonist who is done with dealing with friends of opposite gender. She resolves never to get involved with any man in future and in the moment of desperation she gets 'Done with Men' etched on her skin as a tattoo. But the love bug does not follow any rules, and it bites her again when she happens to come in contact with Vivian, an Orthopaedic in the hospital. She finds herself falling in love with him in spite of her earlier firm determination. Still recovering from her last heart break, Kay is admonished and advised by her best friend Baani and the pesky Thought Bubble. Kay is back on an love adventure ride.

The characters etched by the author are easy to identify with. Their vulnerabilities, weak moments and imperfections make them very real. The interactions between Kay and Baani are quite believable. Good thing about these IndiReads' novellas is that one can finish them in one sitting. Though there are many Hindi words used in the narrative but the translated words of the same have been provided at the end for the benefit of non-Hindi speaking people. A light, fun and quick read to brighten up any day. The light and breezy language would go well with young adults too. The narrative is laden with humour and wit which keep the readers engaged right from the beginning till the last line. This could easily have been extended with more interesting incidents and anecdotes, but author has not extended the story unnecessarily. Though the narrative takes some very predictable twists and turns but readers would surely enjoy this innocent, short and sweet love story.

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