Thursday, May 2, 2013

Twice Betrayed by Carla Tucker Minks

Title :       Twice Betrayed
Author :    Carla Tucker Minks
Publisher : Outskirts Press
Genre :     Cotemporary Romantic Fiction

Taylor Calloway, a psychotherapist by profession in a small modern town suddenly finds her smoothly moving life in chaos. Her dream of an ideal home and marriage is disrupted when she learns of an affair between her husband, Jake and one of her oldest friends, Linda. She is shattered inwardly. She is not able to come to terms with it initially despite years of having counselled many patients with similar problems. Her mentor and old friend Brett helps her work out her situation.

In the process, she unravels many more truths about Jake, their marriage and herself and also attempts to make things work for herself. Will she trust again? Will she love again? As the problem is shared by many, it is intriguing to find out how this specialist deals with it on a personal level.

Her self-discovery and the journey make an interesting read. The story is delivered in first person and the reader discovers her as she reveals her thoughts and conscience. There are various subplots interwoven in the main plot which also help in the reader’s understanding of the main characters and the story. Some extra layers would have worked wonderfully in making the plot still more interesting.  Particularly of note are Annette, Taylor’s relationship with her, her husband Calvin’s disappearance and then reappearance. Calvin’s business partner and friend Gabriel being Taylor’s patient could have lent and interesting twist but that angle is left unexplored. The other cases help Taylor unravel her life and also provide distraction when needed.

Some characters like Taylor, Jake and Brett are very well developed but Annette and especially Linda could have been more interesting if given some depth. The style is easy and flowing making it easy on the eye. The language is simple and clean. Although the ending is a bit hurried, it is an interesting read which keeps you engrossed. 

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