Monday, April 15, 2013

I'd Kill For You by Alan Plessinger

Title: I'd Kill For You
Author: Alan Plessinger

The wife of a man convicted of killing his own son is found dead, the man goes into hiding, and thus, the whole story begins. As an unlikely twist, the detective agency hired to search for the man and solve the murder mystery, come upon a teen aged runaway who is looking for her mother whom she has never met but has been writing to. The girl falls in love with one of the detectives, just a little bit, but it is decided that they have better things to do for the present.

'I'd Kill For You' is a very complex tale with the detective agency, trying to uncover two full fledged mysteries and it seems unlikely that the two cases could possibly have any connection. The detective agency is being run by five brothers, who apart from being detectives, have their other lives as well. One runs a hotel, one is an ex-cop, one is a male prostitute, and so on, and all of them together, also form a music band.

The best part about the book is the mystery, for it is the only part that makes the book worth reading. But there are several other things as well that may put some readers off or maybe, just turn them on. A wonderful read for those who love a complex murder mystery, rolled together with loads of adult stuff, while also some great inputs on Christianity and God and a variety of other stuff and even some good values. 'I'd Kill For You' is one book where you could get all that.

The most touching aspect that I found about the book was the letter the father of the teenager runaway wrote to her. Even the toughest of shells could contain the most tender of hearts. And parents are parents, after all. Also, one could actually take lessons in forgiveness from Adam De Remer, one of the detectives, his patience being mountain sturdy.

And, you'll really have to read till the last few chapters to know who'd kill for whom, and of course, what becomes of the two strange cases that the detective agency is working upon, if you can brave it till there, that is.

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