Friday, June 29, 2012

Kuttan’s Dilemma by Leni Varkey

Title: Kuttan’s Dilemma
Author: Leni Varkey
Illustrator: Rishi Bhardwaj
Price: INR 95
ISBN: 978-93-81115-90-9

‘Kuttan’s Dilemma’ begins with a situation most of the children face, beginning of school holidays but nothing much to do!

Kuttan’s holidays have begun and he is not thrilled about it. After some mouth watering description of puris, ladoos and many other food and bakery items, the story progresses when Kuttan’s mother sends him to his lonely neighbour’s house to deliver an important letter. Some unfortunate events occur while he is there and lead him into a dilemma. Leni Varkey has done a wonderful job by picturesquely describing how the little boy goes though the mental turmoil. The pretty illustrations give an added advantage.

It is really fascinating how the author has beautifully described even the minute aspects so artfully rather than just slightly mentioning them or not mentioning them at all. For instance, the image that the fat policeman’s buttons could pop off any time or the description of Achayan’s living room! Do read the book to find out all about this..

The best thing I found about the book is the storyline. Parents won’t need to worry before buying their kids this book as it shows how it is always proper to confess the truth rather than stay like a culprit forever.

A very fascinating, gripping and praise-worthy storyline, trust me, you’ll surely regret not reading it! 

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  1. Sounds like a perfect book to be read during the holidays. Thanks for the review Vaishali.