Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mystery of the Falling Mountains by Nilima Sinha

Title: Mystery of the Falling Mountains
Illustrations: Subir Roy
Author: Nilima Sinha
Publications: Children's Book Trust
Price: INR 30.00
Review by: Vidhi Sethi

 The story of 'THE MYSTERY OF THE FALLING MOUNTAINS' by Nilima Sinha makes an interasting read. It is about five  school friends - Dipak, Ajay,  Rustom, Ahmed and Richa. They all decided to spend their vacations at Dipak's house in the beautiful snow covered mountains. The grass thick and green was spread lavishly with pale yellow daisies. There they were introduced to many different people including Mr. Das, the owner of the neighbouring farm, Shivant, the contractor, Mr.Hari Lall and his wife Pamella Lall, Motilal, the shopkeeper and Gopi, the gardener. Many buyers were eager to acqire the property of the Pants. Dipak's mother, a widow and the owner of the beautiful house, got many threatening letters, in Hindi and from unknown source. She did not pay heed to those letters and subsequently her son was kidnapped. Someone was forcing Mrs. Pant to leave the house. There was also a series of intentional accidents such as breaking into the house, poisoning of the milk and so on. Rescue teams for Dipak were also kidnapped. It is interesting and at the same time spooky to read how the children were finally rescued and how the culprits were nabbed. 

In the story, Mrs. Pant comes across as a kind hearted and a loving lady and the children as a bunch of intelligent and lively lot. I could not leave the book once I started reading it. It is a wonderful book and a must read for all bool lovers and mystery lovers like me.                                                              


  1. Very nice review Vidhi. Hope to read many more from you in future too.

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  3. V good. nice review.