Monday, April 30, 2012

Akhmed And The Atomic Matzo Balls by Gary Buslik


Author: Gary Buslik
Publication: Solas House

The novel, AKHMED AND THE ATOMIC MATZO BALLS - A NOVEL OF INTERNATIONAL INTRIGUE, PORK CRAZED TERMITES, AND MOTHERHOOD,  is at the initial stage a bouquet of multiple stories, running simultaneously. One is of an Iranian president, who desperately wants his nation to have nuclear weapons, and his translator. Another is of termites. Yet another one is of a super ambitious professor, whose ambitions appear to be in trouble when his old-friend comes back to him one day and reveals that they actually have a mutual daughter. This particular story progresses and shows this very domineering daughter of theirs and her super rich fiance squandering money. The way all these stories ultimately collaborate is interesting.

The book is also too full of colourful images of human greed, emotions, violence, sex, nude scenes and a lot of other adult behaviour, without a mention of which, no review of this book would be complete. The almost omnipresent porn and the unhealthily humourous description of events and the way it is shown to be existing in all problems and a kind of single remedy for all situations may leave a distaste in the minds of the reader.

Having read this book, the reader is forced to sit back and wonder, how would life be if everything actually happened the way it is described!

This book is ideally suited for all book lovers with particularly dirty minds.

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