Friday, February 17, 2012


Author : Jillian Haslam
Publication : New Generation Publishing

Jillian Haslam’s Indian. English. is an autobiography, where Jillian takes you down her memory lane, right from her birth in India in post colonial times to her present life in the UK.

The book is majorly about the impoverished life that Jillian and her family led in the by lanes of Calcutta, about her siblings and mother's death, about the racism and abuse that she and her family faced. How in spite of all this, she and her siblings were able to get a decent education.How she picked up a job and went up the ladder professionally and steadily made hers and her dear one's life a better one . About her marriage and her married life woes. How she helped and still helps the lesser fortunate people of the world. About her present life and her achievements.

As you read the book you feel sad for Jillian and her siblings. The book makes you realise the plight of people living in abject poverty . While reading the book I was forced to think along the lines that the way a persons life shapes up depends upon a lot of decisions, made not only by the individual but also on the ones made by the individuals parents amongst other things.

To be honest, I found the narration repetitive and the editing not so efficient. In spite of it being a heart rending story the book failed to evoke the intended emotions and did not leave the kind of impact that is expected from this type of emotive book. But the book definitely reminded me of the famous song by Phil Collins " Think twice 'cause it's another day for you and me in paradise. "

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