Wednesday, January 4, 2012

When a Lawyer Falls in love

Title : When a Lawyer Falls In Love
Author : Amrita Suresh
Publication : Offshoots

This is a story of a group of friends hailing from different parts of India and studying together in a law college . The story is majorly about Vyas - Caroline , Souvik - Jaishree , Ankur / Rohit - Sonali and then there is also unattached Pavan who provides the comic angle in the story.

As the story progresses amidst typical college life happenings of a VJ hunt, a college festival, drugs, leg pulling and flirtations, the love stories also move on .Two of the stories move in a positive direction and one of them results in a wedding ...the third one does not survive the glitches .
To find out, which couple ties the knot - how and why, who gets dumped, who wins Sonali - the sweet and cherubic Ankur or the loudmouthed and domineering Rohit .... do read on.

The story is fast paced and reasonably well told but is liberally littered with astrological gibberish. There is a part where author has literally delivered more than a two page lecture on astrology which is very boring.
The book has the potential to appeal to the young readers especially college goers but does not do much for the mature readers.

For a debutant author Amrita Suresh has done a fairly good job.

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