Thursday, February 23, 2012

Kaptain Vamp

Title : Kaptain Vamp
Author : Joanne Lecuyer
Illustrated By : Amy Rottinger
Publication : Topsy Books

Nearly twelve years old, Allistaire Arturius Doppelganger Varning the IV, is a vampire who seems naturally human. In reality Allistaire is part vampire and part human, thanks to his vampire parents experiments . Being a vampire, Allistaire is not only physically very strong but also has special abilities, he can run at least hundred kilometres in a blink, can hear conversations taking place miles away and can read others thoughts, too.
In a way, Allistaire along with his family leads a normal life in Canada. He loves going to school and hanging out with his human friends but only his best friend, Rich, knows about him being part vampire.

Allistaire wants to help humans and show them that vampires are not bad. For this purpose, Allistaire enlists Rich's help. Both the boys hatch a plan and set out to make Allistaire a 'superhero', using his vampire abilities. They design a costume for the 'superhero Allistaire' and coin a name of Kaptain Vamp for him. Rich becomes KV's Ace, superhero Allistaire's sidekick. What do they do? Do they really help others or is it just Allistaire's figment of the imagination?

You will find out what actually happens as you read along. The book sends out a very clear message to the children that one should help others. The book feeds the kids imagination with all the superhero stuff and the vampire things going on in it. For this very reason I think the boys will probably like it more.

The illustrations have been done by Amy Rottinger. I found the illustration of Allistaire's family cute.
It is a good book, but in my opinion the author could have done better by adding a little more substance to the story.
Overall, Kaptain Vamp makes a good fun time read for the children.

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